LUXE POOLS is an experienced fibreglass products manufacturer, manufacturing big variety of products from polyester and vinylester resins.

We manufacture fiberglass swimming pools, speed boats, wind energy shells, bathtubs and many other products in our 15000 square meter area factory using more than 100 tons of resin every month.

Fiberglass pools, manufactured in our factory, are specially made for severe northern Europe, Scandinavian and Russian climate, resistant to big temperature changes. All layers we use are of highest quality products from world famous producers. Surface coatings are UV and chlorine resistant, shell has in total 9 layers of structure.

All pools are manufactured with special OSMOSE prevention layer and innovative PU Polyurethane hard insulation foam to prevent shell from low earth temperatures.

We produce pools pools with posibility to put one into other, so the transportation costs will be as low as possible for this type of pools.

Pool shell is fully composite, produced using highest quality materials. 8 of 9 fibreglass pool shell layers are hand laid.

LUXE POOLS is a small part of total group of our manufacturing chains.
LUUXE Pools supply pool equipment set for our pool range and can create new range for new markets and new customers.

As main products we also produce automatic pool covers, composite pools for tiling and stainless steel pools. Also we have all range of stainless steel pool parts for fiberglass, composite, stainless steel and concrete pools.

In factories we use or hand lay or vacuum infusion technologies to produce our products. Quality inspection is a main target work of factory staff – every product has its own identification number, so we know who has produced, at what time, and which materials has been used to produce every product.

Lithuania has good connections with world markets via rail, road and the most important – sea. Most of markets we can reach at very competitive prices.

We also produce stainless steel pool parts and stainless steel pools. more information here:


Send us your inquiry, and we will supply best product available on market.