We make your tiled pool (mosaic, marble, stone) without any risk of leakage.

Our composite manufacturing technology makes it possible to have a 100% watertight basin.

Possibility of self-supporting chassis for difficult installations (roof terrace, sloping ground).

Possibility of infinity pool on one side.

Our pools are also insulated which provides a comfort of use because maintains higher temperature.

Concrete pools are the most unreliable swimming pools on the market -> mosaic detachment, leakage problem, cracking...Our technology don't have any of these problems and the pool will last very long time.

Possibility to carry out all your projects: infinity pool, overflow pool, public swimming pool, pools for animals, swimming pool for hotels. Also different designs of spa's are possible.

This technology is limitless and makes it possible to manufacture any swimming pool. 


Luxe Pools Tilestone pool technology:


- Any size any design pool

- Fully installed to 0.25W/m²K
- Manufactured to ISO 9001
- Installed within 10 days
- Two-piece option available
- 100% waterproof - no structural leaks
- No inclement weather delays
- No building delays